Mon, Sep 27, 2021


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Built in Italy. Designed with passion.

The new tender line by ZAR, represents a great leap forward in terms of design, function, performance and reliability.
ZAR’s recognized lead and expertise in the top class of the RIB industry converges in this demanding product.

Our Dealer in US

Inflatable Boat Pro
1360 D Hammondville Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33069
phone: 954-712-1598

Jaws Marine
6100 Chemical Road, Curtis Bay, MD 21226
phone: 410-354-9100

Waypoint Boats & Motors
Jacobson's Terminal
5350 - 30th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107
phone: T. 206-284-0200

Chicago Yacht Yard
2550 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60608
phone: T. 312-666-6670 - M. 312-771-0143

Jack's Interbay Marine
4810 McElroy Avenue Tampa, Florida 33611
phone: 813-831-3000